Revelstoke Golf Club – Revelstoke BC

revelstoke golf club

Revelstoke Golf Club

Their tagline is “Every Game is more fun when you are playing in the mountains.” I love that! The course has an old-school vibe to it. It feels like it has not changed in years… in a good way.  Like you’re stepping back into Arnold-Palmer days. The members all have their old golf carts. Most of them look like they were originals from the 60s, but running in mint condition.

Revelstoke Golf Club – Practice Green

My focus was just practice. I would have loved to go play the course, but it was very busy out there. So I spent most of my time where I usually do: the putting green.

Today’s warm-up? The gate drill from Mr. Tiger Woods himself. Woods has done this since he was an amateur and it’s a great drill. I put two tees a putter width apart and start by just using my right hand to make 10-foot putts. My goal is to make as many as I feel comfortable with and then I move to using both hands. I do this until I feel confident. Then, I may go to more breaking putts. The greens here were fairly slow, so not much break on the greens.

 Tiger Woods Gate Drill

Revelstoke Golf Club – Chipping Green

The chipping green was a little chewed up. But for being June and just opening in the past month, it was absolutely fine. The bent greens had a mix of Poa Annua grass, which made it quite firm but slow. I practiced my chipping with my 60-degree first. Then, I moved down to my 55-degree, both of which are the Ping Glide 2.0 wedges.  Very happy that I have my 60-degree in 12 degrees of bounce. These work well in softer conditions. And it was certainly softer here than Phoenix.

Definitely wish I could have played the course. When we come through next year, I am definitely getting out to play. Thanks for letting me practice at your club, Revelstoke!


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