The Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course – Banff, Alberta

Banff Springs Golf Course

Practicing at The Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course

Today was a travel day. We had driven from the qualifier in Kelowna up through the mountains – from Revelstoke and Glacier National Park of Canada to Lake Louise. Today, we were headed from Lake Louise to Waterton, Alberta for the night. The next golf tournament was in Vermillion, South Dakota so we had quite a few miles still to go.

We decided to stop halfway in Banff and get some work done. For me, that meant hitting the practice facilities. For Mary, that meant working remotely on client work. Today was cool enough that we could park the travel trailer right at the golf course and Mary could work inside on her laptop. And Hadley could sleep some more – her favorite.

5 Irons into the Wind

Everyone knows that the Dakotas get prett-ay windy.  The wind started whipping at the range a little and I was glad.  It was great practice for South Dakota.  The wind gave me the chance to hit some shots that I do not have the opportunity to practice often. I started with my wedges and worked my way up to the 5-iron. My focus when hitting the ball lower was simply to slow down my swing. It allows the ball to come out with less spin and it will stay lower and travel further.

Banff Springs Golf Course Practice Facilities

This practice facility at Banff Springs Golf Course is awesome. It had a large putting green and three chipping areas that you can hit anything from 50-75 yards. There was also a large bunker. The only problem with the bunker was that there were huge pebbles and stones in them, which can damage your club.

It’s a really relaxing and picturesque place to practice. You can hear the river babbling nearby and there’s incredible mountain views. The weather was perfect.  I was out there for three hours getting some solid work in and it  was around 64 degrees with a 20 mph wind out of the west. Low humidity and some cloud cover. It sprinkled lightly for a few minutes.

After the practice session, we got back on the road to the Dakotas Tour 2017. Our next stop was Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, which is just on the border of Canada and the USA.

If you’re ever in the Banff area, I really recommend checking out the course.  Click here to book a tee time The Fairmont Banff Golf Course.


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