Villa de Paz Saturday Skins Game in Phoenix

Villa de paz saturday skins game in Phoenix

Villa de Paz Saturday Skins Game in Phoenix

Location: 4220 N 103rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037

Time: 8-12pm Saturdays

Greens Fee: $20

Skins Buy-In: $5 Deuce Pot, $5 CTP, $10 Gross, $10 Net, $20 Side Skins

Villa de Paz Golf Club has been hosting a Saturday skins game in Phoenix for quite some time now. You get a mix of players from Amateur golfers all the way to mini-tour players. During the winter months, the game can get as many as 80 players on any given Saturday.

About the Villa de Paz course

The Villa de Paz golf course offers a lot of risk and reward. As a parkland-style golf course, it has a unique and challenging layout for all skill levels. It was voted the best, inexpensive 18-hole golf course in the valley by the Arizona Republic and might very well be the best golfing value in Arizona.  The slope and rating of the course from the blue tees is 70.1/123 Par 72 and 6,641 yards. The greens are usually in the best condition during winter months. The current condition of the greens – based on when I last played on November 18 – were very slow, but they should speed up by December. There are a total of 4 par 5’s and 4 Par 3’s. It is a course one can go low on if you are hitting your wedges close and putting it well.

How do you play in this skins game?

If you have a group of 2, 3 or 4 guys the best thing to do is call the pro shop at (623) 877-1172 and ask for Justin Surat, the Head Golf Professional.  If you are a single, you can just show up anytime in the morning. Groups with players with 3 handicaps or less usually goes out around 11am.

What games can you play in?

You can opt to get into any of the games they have.

Deuce pot: $5

Deuce pot is anytime you have a 2 (or Deuce) on the scorecard you are automatically paid. The pot is split amongst all the players that bought into this game, divided by the amount of deuces on the course.

Closest to the Pin (CTP): $5

Closest to the pin on Par 3’s. If you hit one close on a par 3, at Villa de Paz they have a great rule for marking down CTP’s. You will measure your ball from the hole, and write down that measurement on your scorecard next to the player that hit it.

Gross skins: $10

These are gross skins. No handicaps used with these skins. For example, if you get at birdie on a par 4 then that would be a gross birdie. No handicaps used in Gross skins. I encourage all to get into Gross skins because even if you are 10 handicap or higher and you have a gross birdie on a hole and no other player gets a birdie, you get a skin. You never know.

Net Skins: $10

These are Net skins. This means that handicaps are used to determine your score, and you are competing against everyone who paid to get into the Net skins. For example, if you get a Gross birdie on a Par 4, and you got a stroke on that hole, then you would get a 2 on that hole. If no other players get a birdie with a stroke on that hole, then you get the skin!

Side skins: $20

Side skins are another way to earn some extra money. Before you tee off, make sure to talk to some of the other players to confirm that there are enough guys in side skins. Usually you want to have around 5 guys or more in side skins. Then, at the end of the round make sure to head into the pro shop and everyone writes there name on a $20 bill and throws it on the table. Side skins are Gross skins and are determined by only players that are playing this particular game.

Where are results posted?

Check back a few days after the Skins Game (usually on Monday or Tuesday) and you will see the results posted. The results are posted on the Villa de Paz website under Saturday Skins Results. You can pick up the cash from the pro shop next time you come to play.

Justin does a great job managing this game, and it’s a big reason why so many guys come back week after week. One of its biggest draws? It is an inexpensive buy-in compared to other Skins Games throughout the week and still has the potential for a worthwhile payout. It’s also the only Skins Game in Phoenix on Saturdays.


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