Nevada Open 2017 Round 2

Nevada Open 2017 Round 2
Nevada Open 2017 Round 2

Course: CasaBlanca Golf Club

November 8, 2017

10:00am Shotgun — Hole 15 start

75 degrees and sunny

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I made sure to get some good practice in on the range today. I was hitting the ball good and focusing on: 1.) getting a full turn on the way back, and 2.) turning hard through at impact. Yesterday, I was not turning hard enough and my hands were flipping at the ball. Not a good feeling! Today is a new round – Nevada Open 2017 Round 2 – and anything can happen.

Hole 15- Par 5

565 yard par 5. Starting on another par 5, just like day one. I hit a good drive but had 275 yards in. I laid up to a good number and just missed a birdie putt. Par.

Hole 16- Par 3

Playing 195 yards, I hit a 6-iron. Perfect swing and aggressive at impact – just what I wanted. Had only 15 feet with minor break. Birdie. 

Hole 17- Par 4

During the practice round, I hit a driver here and almost went in the bushes on the left side. Today I hit 3-wood, in the left rough and had 195 yards in. I hit 6-iron, but a little right. Had tough chip and could not convert the up-and-down and made a bogey.

Hole 18- Par 4

Hit the green and a two-putt par.

Hole 1- Par 4

Good drive. Missed green to the right, but right on the fringe. Had a difficult putt that was breaking about a foot. Par.

Hole 2 – Par 5

Great drive here and had 195 yards in for my second shot. I pulled a 6-iron way left and hit the path. Provisional just to be safe. Found the first ball and hit an amazing chip shot to 6 feet. The putt lipped out to make a disappointing par.

Hole 3- Par 4

Short par 4 playing 345 yards. I hit the driver and ended up just short of the green. The lie was sitting way down in the tall grass. I hit the chip, and it came out low with no spin and rolled 10 feet past the pin. The birdie putt hit the lip of the cup and I ended up making par.

Hole 4 – Par 3

Some groups played this course the day before. The tournament kept the pin placements the same to keep things fair.  A friend mentioned the night before that this pin was very challenging. And it was. I missed the green just off the right and had a tough chip that was sliding from right to left. Left myself with a 10-foot par putt that was breaking a foot from right to left. Made a great stroke and made it. Par.

Hole 5- Par 4

Hit driver and the ball went through the fairway, which ended around 320 yards, and rolled into a desert wash just short of the green. I had 120 yards in and it came out lower that I wanted.  Hit the green and went over. Chipped it to 10 feet and missed the putt to make a bogey.

Hole 6- Par 5

Good drive down the middle. Second shot ended up in the green-side bunker and left my chip shot 10 feet short. Hit the putt and it lipped out again for a birdie! The third time today I lipped out a putt. At least this one was a birdie.

Hole 7- Par 4

Drive went down the middle with a 3-wood. Had a gap wedge in, and hit a good one. 15-footer.  It hit the lip of the cup and went out.

Hole 8 -10

Good solid parts on the next 3 holes.

Hole 11- Par 5

Hit a huge drive on this one that was cutting toward the center of the fairway. 325-yard drive. Had 200 in and hit the 5- iron on the green and just missed the putt for eagle. Ending with a great birdie tap-in. Birdie.

Hole 12- Par 3

Another great drive down the middle with wedge in hand. I had a putt that was up the hill from 15 feet moving slightly from left to right. I hit the putt, and it was dead center. Instead, it hit the back cup, and pops out! Tap it in for par.

Hole 13- Par 4

Another driveable par 4, playing 310 yards. I hit my drive at the green, and it hits the fringe and bounces off in the rough. Easy chip, which almost went in for a 2. Tap-in birdie.

Hole 14- Par 3

Playing 205 yards. I hit a 5-iron that was cutting toward the flag. It ended pin-high about 10 feet from the pin. I hit the putt and it lost speed just short of the hole.


Nevada Open 2017 Round 2 Recap
Overall, I hit the ball much better today. I had 4 lipouts on putts that were right in the back of the hole. If those had gone in, I would have made the cut on the number. So felt much better about where my game was today. Only 3 birdies, but had a bunch of chances. It could have been 7 birdies total in round 4, but again the lips around the cups were tough today.  I found more momentum with the new swing today. I’m going to be working more on the takeaway once back practicing in Arizona.
Finished with a 71 -1 under par, and the cut was at -2.
nevada open 2017 round 2
Be sure to check out Nevada Open 2017 Round 1 if you haven’t already.  I talk a little more about the tournament as a whole.

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