Kirkland Signature Costco Golf Balls Review

costco golf balls

In case you haven’t heard by now, Costco Golf Balls are a thing. And they’re pretty awesome.

Costco Wholesale recently released its Kirkland Signature Four-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball, and they’re already out of stock.

I was lucky enough to get a text message from a friend pointing me to the WRX article on these balls in mid-October, and I quickly drove over to see if my store had them. Only Costco stores in the top 20 US golf markets were carrying them, and the Glendale, Arizona location had a ton.

I grabbed two dozen for $29.99 – which is a great deal pricewise, but I still didn’t know what to expect at this point. So I gave a dozen to my friend, and I kept a dozen.

Putting Costco Golf Balls to the Test

We headed out the next day to play the Mission Hills Country Club Pete Dye Challenge Course  in Palm Desert.  As + handicaps, we both know whether a ball feels good and is a good fit for our games. He plays a TaylorMade Tour Preferred X, and I game a Titleist Pro V1. We were joking on the first hole that we were going to play with the Kirkland balls. Then… the laughing stopped and we figured, “Hey, why not?”

Costco Golf Balls Pros & Cons

I went to add my normal Sharpie markings and noticed the lines on the side of the ball right away. They are very noticeable and not as faint as my Pro V1.  I mark over the line, placing one dot near the number 4. These even have a seam on the line on the side of the ball! I did not expect that at all. If I had one complaint, though, the numbers on the ball are a bit small.

First Round Recap

It’s the first hole. I put the peg in the ground, and I hit it a little right in the rough. So far so good. I get up to the ball and hit it over the green; then chip it up and make par.

The 2nd hole is a 440-yard Par 4 dog leg left, with water on the left-hand side. Hitting a draw is the best on this one. I get up there and hit it right down the middle with a little draw. My buddy follows suit. On the green with a two-putt par. Not bad.

We get through five holes and look at each other and just said “Wow, I cannot believe how good this ball feels.” The worst thing about trying a new ball is having it give negative feedback, feel different off the putter, or have a clunky sound when hitting the driver. NONE of this was felt. It felt as if I was gaming my Titleist Pro V1, which I would never have thought possible with a Costco-made ball.

Reviewing the Cover of the Ball

Now, lets talk a little bit about the cover of the ball. I easily hit about 8 wedge shots from 130 yards in during the day, and hit one cart path.  I only used one ball all day. There was minimal wear on it, much less than my regular Pro V1.

Costco Golf Balls are USGA Conforming

Lastly, you can even game Costco golf balls in tournaments. These balls are USGA conforming and produced by Nassau Golf Co. Ltd of South Korea. I’m even considering using them in my next Arizona Amateur tournament.

That is… if I can find more! We came home from the weekend and on Monday Mygolfspy reported that the Costco golf balls were sold out!!! Sold out??? Already??

If you’re looking online, it looks like the next shipment isn’t until November 21.  But you might get lucky and find some at a store nearby. Heads up, limit is 10 per member.




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