Nevada Open 2017- Round 1

Nevada Open 2017

Nevada Open 2017

The Palms Golf Club and CasaBlanca Golf Club – Mesquite, NV

November 7-9, 2017

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The Nevada Open is a state open that is held yearly in Mesquite, NV. There are a total of 200 professional golfers in the event, spread over 2 golf courses. The total purse is $140,000! It is a great event. The cost of the event is $725 and that includes three nights hotel stay at The CasaBlanca Resort.  I am looking forward to the event, as I haven’t competed in two months and it will be a good test for the recent swing changes.

Round 1
Nevada Open 2017

Course: Palms Golf Club

November 7, 2017

10:00am Shotgun — Hole 15 start

75 degrees and sunny

I was fortunate enough to be paired with my new roommate, Ryan Porch,  for the first two rounds. What are the chances? Always an advantage to be playing with a friend. The weather was perfect, and we got in some practice on the range and putting green before we went out. The putting green by the clubhouse, however, was in pretty poor shape and had a lot of bermuda on the green. They are much different on the course, so I just putted a few to get the feel of my stroke.

Hole 15- Par 5

Par 5, 490 yards. This is a challenging hole – made even more challenging when it is your first hole. They moved the tees up, and it is a downhill hole playing 20 yards downhill. I grabbed 4-iron just to keep it in the fairway. Then had a 4-iron in from 225 and hit it in the left bunker. Had a great bunker shot, and made birdie from 10 feet. Birdie is always a great way to start a round.

 Hole 16- Par 4

I hit 3-wood off the tee, just like the practice round. Right in the middle of the fairway… but also in a divot!  I get up to the ball and it is sitting down halfway in the divot. Tried to hit right down on it and get it up near the green. Ended up hitting it fat and had a difficult up-and-down now. I tried to just get it on the green and then proceeded to miss my par putt from 20 feet.

Hole 17- Par 4

Downhill par 4, not too difficult. Just have to hit a 5- or 6-iron off the tee. No more than 220 yards to layup short of the water.  I grabbed 5-iron and hit it. Stayed in the air too long and went plunk… right in the drink. Frustrating! I dropped and had 145 yards in, hitting a wedge to 15 feet. Now putting for par, I drained it to save it.

Hole 1- Par 5

Short par 5. Hit my drive way left and thought it might be out of bounds. I hit a provisional ball, but my first ball ended up being in play – just was hitting out of the desert. Had a 6-iron in. Hit it a little heavy and ended up short of the green. Chipped it up to 15 feet and made it for birdie.

Hole 2- Par 4

Made a bogey here. Hit poor 3-wood just behind a palm tree and had no shot at the green.

Hole 3- Par 3

The worst shot I’ve hit in a long time. Ended up chunking my 5-iron. Pulled it left and landed in the water short of the green. Hit a great chip shot after taking my penalty and made the putt for bogey.

Hole 4- Par 5

Made birdie here. Forced to lay up, as the hole was playing long. I hit a great approach shot from 85 yards and made the putt.

Hole 5- Par 4

Hit a good drive. I had 125 yards in and chose to use a 50-degree wedge. Pulled it left into the back bunker. I got up and down for par.

Hole 6- Par 4

3-wood off the tee here. Water to the right, so have to avoid that by hitting a club shorter. Hit the fairway and had 155 in. I pulled a 8-iron in a bad spot. Did not get up-and-down and made bogey.

Hole 7- Par 3

7 was playing 205 yards. It felt like the wind was hurting, so I hit the 5-iron. I flew it over the green in the back bunker. I had no shot and went past the pin and missed the putt for par, ending with a bogey.

Hole 8 and 9

Just missed birdie on 8 from 10 feet.

Made an easy par on 9.

Hole 10- Par 5

Good drive down the middle and was left with 225 in. I hit a 6-iron and pulled it left. Was in the desert with a tough chip. Missed birdie putt. Par.

Hole 11- Par 3

Downhill par 3, playing 195. We had a three-group backup on the hole. Hit a 6-iron right of the green, chipping and missed putt for par.

Hole 12- Par 4

Just missed birdie here.

Hole 13- Par 4

Decent drive. Pulled second shot over the green and had a tough chip. The chip was fighting a downhill lie… with the green running away from you. Hit it perfect with a lot of spin, and it almost went in. Tap-in par.

Hole 14- Par 3

Our last hole. Hit 7-iron to 15 feet and missed the putt for birdie. Par.

Round Recap

First tournament round in two months and with a new swing. Under pressure, I started feeling myself revert to my old swing, impacting my consistency. Not committing to the new changes showed on my scorecard (below). Missed a bunch of greens in regulation. Made a bunch of great putts though! I am committing to the new swing tomorrow and see what happens.

Click here for the Nevada Open 2017 Round 2 at the CasaBlanca Golf Course.


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