South Dakota Open Pro-Am Shootout 2017

South Dakota Open Pro-Am Shootout 2017

South Dakota Open Pro-Am Shootout 2017

The Bluffs Golf Course, Vermillion, South Dakota

June 24, 2017

The shootout was one of the many events to kick off the Dakotas Tour and took place after the second round of the South Dakota Open Pro-Am on Saturday. What is a shootout? It’s when a number of players compete on one hole, all from the same distance, to see who can get closest to the pin.

Today’s shootout took place on the 10th hole from 106 yards out and was open to all pros and amateurs from the tournament. The shootout was a big deal – everyone was talking about it leading up to it. There were even shootout advertisements hanging from porches lining the golf course.

Rules of the South Dakota Open Pro-Am shootout:

  • $10 entry fee
  • 106 yard shot on the 10th hole middle of the fairway
  • Player gets three golf balls – or three chances
  • Closest to the pin – measured in feet and inches
  • $1,000 pot
  • Top 7 gets paid out

South Dakota Open Pro-Am: Shootout Highlights

The were about 60 players. I was 30th in line to hit, so I got to see a bunch of shots before hitting. It was a pretty great setup. Rusty, the head pro, was up near the green with a mic and speaker letting everyone know how close the balls were and who was up next. There was a ton of energy and excitement. About 30 carts lined up behind the green watching and another 30 back where the players were hitting. Then, there had to have been another 50 or so people at one of the houses near the green. It was a lot of fun!

No shots went in the hole, but an amateur hit one shot about six inches from the hole and it almost went in!

South Dakota Open Pro-Am: My Shots

I ended up getting up there with my 55-degree wedge, which – at 106 yards –  was a perfect distance for me. The first shot I hit was just left of the hole to 5 feet. Readjusted a little, and my next one was 4 feet right of the hole. Both were great shots! My last one was 3 feet from the hole, so I was hoping that it would hold up and be within the top 7.

If it was cumulative with the three shots, I would definitely have won. But this was closest to the hole, not cumulative ( total combined distance).

South Dakota Open Pro-Am: Top 7

The next morning I called the pro shop to see where I placed.  I ended up finishing 7th and earning $70. Not bad!

Overall, I was really impressed with all of the kick-off events –  putting contests, shootouts, dinners, and more. It kept both the amateurs and pros entertained throughout the tournament. A really great way to kick off the Dakotas Tour 2017!


Sean McWilliams, Professional Golfer from Arizona. Former Division 1 Pitcher and Canandaigua, NY native. Join me on my journey throughout the US and Canada as I go after my professional golf dream, taking on the, PGA TOUR, Mackenzie Tour – PGA Canada events, and mini-tours like the Dakotas Tour. I’ll also be sharing tour travel tips, golf course and gear reviews, and much, much more.

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