My Story: A Move Across the Country for Year-Round Arizona Golf

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My Story: A Move Across the Country for Year-Round Arizona Golf

Every professional athlete has an origin story. Here’s where mine continues. (Looking for Part 1? Here’s My Story: Canandaigua NY Athletics & Division I Baseball)

In 2007, I moved from Upstate NY to sunny Phoenix, Arizona for the opportunity to work on my golf game year-round. My first job when I landed in the Southwest? TPC Scottsdale, the home of the Waste Management Phoenix Open and famous 16th hole. I worked with PGA TOUR players, was on the ground during major tournaments and saw the professional golf life firsthand.

That said, as a young 20-something, going after the golf dream fulltime seemed like a financial impossibility. So, while I never put down my clubs, I started to split my focus, working in sales roles to build a financial foundation and winding down a successful medical device sales path.

Lessons from Outside Sales that Translate to Professional Golf

Outside sales taught me a lot. Persistence. Patience. Confidence. It’s much like running your own business. I know what it takes to close that clutch sale when it matters most. To make – and exceed – my number each month. Turn profits. Not only sell a product or service, but to sell yourself.

Another important lesson? To know that you’re going to run across some “no’s” in your day, but that only puts you that much closer to a “yes.” Much like in golf, you’re going to have a bad round here and there, but can’t ever let that discourage you. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to get that “yes” or tournament win. And the more opportunities you give yourself to sell – or compete – the more successful you’re going to be.

Always give yourself as many opportunities as possible. On the golf course. And in life.

Here’s Part III of My Story:  Truck, Trailer and Turning Pro in 2017.


Sean McWilliams, Professional Golfer from Arizona. Former Division 1 Pitcher and Canandaigua, NY native. Join me on my journey throughout the US and Canada as I go after my professional golf dream, taking on the, PGA TOUR, Mackenzie Tour – PGA Canada events, and mini-tours like the Dakotas Tour. I’ll also be sharing tour travel tips, golf course and gear reviews, and much, much more.


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