My Story: Truck, Trailer and Turning Pro in 2017

Truck, Trailer and Turning Pro in 2017

My Story: Truck, Trailer & Turning Pro in 2017

Every professional athlete has an origin story. This is mine. Part III and present day.

(Be sure to check out My Story Part I: Canandaigua NY Athletics & Division 1 Baseball and My Story Part II: A Move Across the Country for Year-Round Arizona Golf, if you haven’t already.)


January 2017 – I won the Tempe City Arizona Amateur.

I had been at a 12-hour- per-day sales conference for the week leading up the event. I had not touched a club in almost two weeks. But I was in the right state of mind. I had a lifetime of competitive golf experience behind me.

The win reinforced that heading in the direction of my dreams was the right direction. And the time was now.


February 2017 – Truck & Trailer

I purchased a 26-foot travel trailer and a Nissan Titan diesel truck. After running the numbers, this was the most cost-effective route. Instead of flights, I’d be paying gas. Instead of $150/night hotel stays, I’d be paying $15/night campground fees. This was important as I was funding this first round of tournaments and travel on my own.

March 2017 – Official Career Change

I resigned from my well-paying medical device job.

April 2017 – Golf Journey Begins

I embarked on my golf journey. I lived, breathed and owned the professional-golf life for five months on the road. From the and PGA to the Dakotas Tour, I played in 11 professional tournaments along the west coast, throughout Canada and down in the Dakotas.

turning pro in 2017 stats

May 2017 – Turning Pro in 2017

I officially turned professional. My first event as a professional golfer? USGA’s US Open Local Qualifier at The Preserve Golf Club in San Francisco. I tied for third.


turning pro in 2017 map

September 2017 – Back to Arizona Golf

I made my way back to Arizona. The summer tours had wrapped up in the northern sections. It was time to fine-tune my skills and get ready for the big winter events and next year’s PGA Canada Q-School. Fall 2017 would also be a time to work closely with my golf and business team… and put together an investor team and go out for a first fundraising round in order to be even more successful in 2018.

The story continues! I’ll have fundraising best practices for professional golf to share with you soon.


Sean McWilliams, Professional Golfer from Arizona. Former Division 1 Pitcher and Canandaigua, NY native. Join me on my journey throughout the US and Canada as I go after my professional golf dream, taking on the, PGA TOUR, Mackenzie Tour – PGA Canada events, and mini-tours like the Dakotas Tour. I’ll also be sharing tour travel tips, golf course and gear reviews, and much, much more.

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