About Journey to the Tour

About the Journey to the Tour website

Starting a professional golf career is tough. It’s a time when golfers are actively searching for answers, as there are a number of different paths one can take to get on a professional tour.  There’s mini-tours. Business planning. Fundraising.

It takes a team. And resources.

Journey to the Tour is the resource for those chasing the professional golf dream. It is a place where I aim to share my own path to the PGA. It is also a larger community, connecting amateurs and professional golfers early on in their careers.

Sean’s Journey to the Tour

about journey to the tour

In summer 2017, I took my travel trailer – the aptly named “I-GO Pro” – up the west coast through Canada and all over the midwest to give myself as many shots as possible for playing on a professional golf tour.  I traveled thousands of miles to take on Web.com qualifiers, Mackenzie Tour – PGA Canada events, the Dakotas Tour, and more.

All roads lead to the Web.com and PGA Tour.  We’re taking this journey further in 2018 and beyond. Join me on the journey.